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Unless noted otherwise, all video tutorials listed below have been created by Trausti Hraunfjörð. Other Video Tutorials are linked from the Video Tutorials For Flashificator FFC Forum Video Tutorials For Flashificator

15 Pano Project - Time: 02:35 (FFC v2.0693) - adding multiple panos using plugin Tourificator. Plugin PicMenu also demonstrated.

Adding Cued Sounds In FFC - Time: 09:57 (FFC v2.0694) by Kelly Bellis - adding sounds that are played on cue facilitated by Tommy Wirestam's plugin soundspot.swf.

Adding Transparency to Hotspots - Time: 00:12 (FFC v2.067) - self explanatory.

Adding an MP3 - Time: 01:08 (FFC v2.02) - self explanatory. An early video with differences from the current (v2.0694) version of FFC, but still is educational viewing.

Adding Video and Radio to panorama - Not a tutorial so much as an example of both video and radio having been implemented into a pano.

Aligning Static Images - Time: 01:08 (FFC v2.02) - Brief and pretty straight forward.

Applying Borders - Time: 01:55 (FFC v1.81) - A quick intro to the Borders plugin.

Auto Touring and Done Function - Time: 06:48 (FFC v2.0688) - Although this tutorial is technically flawed, it walks you through the process of creating a function by recording positions. The triggering event; onClick, while not intended, helps to underscore the need in planning on which event will trigger a function, in this case, moving and panning along an assigned sequence and path. The tail end references a related and much faster paced tutorial by Terry Montague entitled "FFC Auto Pan" - note: password: ffcmembers.

Auto Touring Linking Position Changes - Time: 02:27 (FFC v2.0688) - A good follow up video tutorial to the earlier version: Auto Touring and Done Function - see above.

Banner and Thumbs Placement - Time: 01:29 (FFC v2.0691) - Pretty self explanatory; however, note that banner image files should be equal in width as the display device; i.e., widest monitor WHUXGA.

Context Menu Creator - Time: 02:15 (CMC) - Basic use of graphic user interface that helps create xml snippets for context menus; i.e., the menu that is displayed when you right click over pano. Also, see the forum thread for further discussion.

Dashboard Demo - Time: 02:29 (FFC v1.82) - A quick look at the Dashboard plugin.

Dashboard: Moving Buttons - Time: 03:42 (FCC v2.02) - An example of a static hotspot (the dinfoButton) being repositioned.

Recording Functions - Note! This a a Flash video (.flv). An early version of FFC, video is not clear enough to determine, but might be about v2.02. Obvious improvements have been made since this video was prepared; however, there is still a good illustration of how creating a single function can be applied easily to multiple hotspot objects.

Hard-Coded context menu procedure - Time: 02:22 (CMC) Intro to xml generator for Hard-coded context menu items using the program Context Menu Creator (CMC).

How to apply a blurred background - Time: 00:57 (FFC v2.076) - How to apply a blurred background pretty much describes this ;)

How to embed a virtual tour into Facebook - Time: 03:55 (FFC v2.07) - Hats off and thanks to Damir for making this video tutorial. This tutorial shows how to embed a virtual tour into Facebook in less than 3 minutes By Damir of check it out:

Initial Move and Zoom - Time: 02:36 - (FFC v2.0694) - Another follow up video tutorial to the earlier video clips: Auto Touring and Done Function and Auto Touring Linking Position Changes - see above.

Lens Flare

Adding Lens Flare - Time: 00:22 (FFC v1.52) - brief tutorial demonstrating how to add an interactive/ moving lens flare.

Removing Lens Flare - Time: 00:42 - (FFC v2.015) - The GUI has changed since this video was made, but the red delete button makes it's debut in this brief video clip.

Making Hotspots - Time: 02:34 (FFC v1.82) - Example of hotspot placement and use of the Lock Position button found on the Hotspots tab.

Making a Video Control Button - Time 04:31 (FFC v2.01) - Note, the name of the button on the Plugins tab in the video is FLV Video Player and the current version (FFC v2.0694), it is named Video Player. Also, the earlier version had its hotspot settings present; these have been removed and the hotspot settings for the video hotspot are accessed from the Hotspots tab like any other hotspot. If you encounter problems using this, a search of the forums may help.

Moving Dashboard_hotspots - Time: 01:48 (FFC v2.0683) - An introduction to customizing the locations for various Dashboard hotspots, though equally applicable to any hotspot.

Moving Thumbs and Filter Function Creation - Time: 01:49 (FFC v2.0688) - A tutorial on how to add drop shadows to selected hotspots and then on how to attach a function allowing the images to be slid on and off stage, seen and hidden out of view. Notice how at the beginning of the recording a random hotspot was highlighted and that just prior to stopping the recording, Trausti chose the hotspot to associate the recorded function.

Nadir Cap Example - Time: 00:52 (FFC v2.0693) - Example of using the Plugin Nadir Cap and Dashboard.

Nadir Cap - Another Example - Time: 01:43 (FFC v2.0693) - Another example of using the Plugin Nadir Cap and Dashboard.

openURL and Hotspots - Time: 02:31 (FFC v2.02) - An introduction to attaching a function to a hotspot using the Paste text function button on the Functions tab.

PicMenu - Vertical/ Horizontal - Time: 00:12 (FFC v2.0693) - A quick showing of the Plugin PicMenu's orientation feature.

Placing an Image - Time: 01:53 (FFC v2.0688) -

Pano Cocoon - Time: 01:10 - (Pano Cocoon) - Quick intro into the use of Pano Cocoon.

Stand Alone Projector - Time: 01:07 (FFC v2.0686) - A brief introduction to this simple utility for making your Flash Panorama into a tidy single package playable outside of the browser.

Tooltips - Time: 02:44 (FFC v2.04) - A nice little presentation on how you can add a tool tip for any hotspot; i.e., hover your mouse over an object for text to appear.

Tourificator and Transitions - Time: 08:28 (FFC v2.014) - Includes brief introduction to the use of the Leash Lock and short discussion in use of Auto-Attach vs. Create as Function

Tourificator Tour Tutorial - Time: 12:34 (FFC v2.015) An early video with differences from the current (v2.0694) version of FFC, but still is educational viewing. In addition to the Tourification portion, there are also tips on static alignment of hotspots and implementation of the Dashboard. Also touched on in this video, is the use of the Preloader and Image Converter plugins.

Tourificator: Linking and Unlinking Hotspots in Tours - Time: 11:35 (FFC v2.016) - A good example of having a hotspot linked specifically with just one pano in a multi-panorama presentation. Note that in FFC v2.016, there is featured the Poorificator - in v2.0694 it is known by the URL Linker button on the Plugins tab.

Video Control Unit - Time: 04:59 (FFC v? Nov. 12, 2008) - More of a demonstration than a tutorial.

Video Component Controls (basic) - Time: 00:48 (FFC v2.073 April 9, 2011) - Title says it.

Video Tutorial - Time: 07.56 (FFC v2.08) - Adding two videos, placing them and controlling them both, each independently from one controller.

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